How to Remove a Double Crease

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When you take your pants to the dry cleaner they sometimes come back with a double crease down the front. This unsightly crease is the result of improperly arranging the pants on the steam press. Rather than getting mad at the dry cleaner, you can remove the double crease in a few minutes with your own steam iron at home. All you need is a light touch with the hot iron.

Set up the ironing board, fill the steam iron with water and turn it on. Set the iron to low to medium heat.

Position the pants on the table with one leg stretched out flat and one leg folded up over the top of the waist.

Smooth out wrinkles in the stretched out leg, arranging the pant leg so that it's folded on the front and back crease.

Steam the front crease with a few puffs of steam. Gently press the the iron down onto the crease, hold for a second, lift up the iron and move further along the crease. The double crease should be ironed away. Repeat with the other leg.