How to Dry Blue Jeans Without Wrinkles

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Few things are more frustrating or look worse than a wrinkled pair of blue jeans. After spending good money on them, we expect jeans to look right when we put them on without the use of an iron. To keep jeans from wrinkling, it is important to handle them properly when washing, drying and storing them. By doing so, your jeans will look great when you are ready to head out the door.

Wash your jeans as recommended on the care tag attached to them. Typically, jeans should be washed using the delicate cycle, inside out and with other jeans. The load should be fairly small so the agitator in the washing machine can move the jeans around easily. This reduces the likelihood of wrinkles forming.

Remove the jeans from the wash as soon as the final cycle is complete. Turn the jeans right side out. Lay them on a flat surface and press out any wrinkles with your hands.

Hang the jeans to air dry on an outdoor or indoor clothes line. Attach clothes pins to the waist of the jeans so they hang without wrinkles. Jeans air dry slowly and may take a day to completely dry. If air drying is not an option for you, continue to the next step.

Place the jeans into the dryer on the lowest temperature setting. This will minimize the possibility of shrinkage. Keep the dryer load small so the jeans can tumble freely.

Remove the jeans while they are still slightly damp. Press out any wrinkles with your hands and use a wrinkle releaser to remove any lingering wrinkles. Hang the jeans on a clothesline or on a pants hanger and let them finish drying in the air.

Hang your blue jeans rather than folding them to avoid wrinkles during storage.