How to Make Jeans Smell Better in Five Minutes

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Enrique Ramos Lopez/iStock/Getty Images

If you only have five minutes to be out the door and just realized that your jeans don't smell so great, don't panic. You can get those jeans freshened up and ready for the day without doing a load of laundry. Keep commercial fabric freshener spray on hand or make your own fabric freshener ahead of time with household items. Before you know it, you and your jeans will be on your way, smelling fresh as a daisy.

Shake your jeans to remove any dust. Check the pockets and remove anything you don't want to go in the clothes dryer.

Spot clean any dirty spots by rubbing them with a damp wash cloth. If that doesn't remove the spot, add a drop of dish soap to the wash cloth and rub until the spot is gone. Wipe the spot with another wash cloth moistened with clear water to remove soap residue. Do not saturate the jeans with water.

Spray the jeans all over with commercial fabric freshener. If you prefer, make your own ahead of time by combining 1 part baking soda and 1 part liquid fabric softener with 2 parts warm water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Keep this mixture on hand for when you need to make clothes smell better fast.

Toss your jeans into the clothes dryer on a warm or hot setting. Don't include any other items in the dryer so the jeans have room to be tossed about and the wet spots start to dry.

Shake the jeans when you pull them out of the dryer. The fabric freshener and dryer should have removed wrinkles, and your jeans should smell good. For extra insurance, spritz them lightly with a little more fabric freshener before you put them on.