How to Sew Closed Side Pockets

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Pockets add bulk to the inside of any garment. To achieve a slimmer silhouette along the side of your body, remove side pockets. Sometimes it is also a good idea to remove the pockets in children's clothing to prevent them from bringing home every little thing they find, especially dirty items that may stain their clothing. Pockets in the side seams of blouses and dresses are just a bag sewn into the seam, so they are very easy to remove.

Turn the garment inside out. Pull the pocket out until it is flat.

Sew the side seam at the top of the pocket closed. If you have trouble seeing the seam you can remove the pocket with a seam ripper before you sew the seam.

Cut off the pocket by cutting the pocket along the seam allowance if you did not remove it before you made the new seam.