How to Get Clothes to Stop Shedding

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Different types of wool like angora are notorious for leaving behind fuzzy elements on other things in your closet, as well as whatever pants you're wearing. It might get to the point where you avoid wearing the piece because you don't want to deal with the constant removal of these sweater bunnies. Luckily, there are tried and true methods you can do at home that will not only reduce or eliminate shedding, but will also make the garment look its best.

Fold up the sweater and place it a freezer bag. Leave it in for a few hours. Lay it flat to air out any moisture and return to room temperature.

Wash the garment in cold water, using a wool-specific detergent. Lay it flat on a drying rack to reduce the item's tendency to shed.

Shave loose naps or furry balls off the surface of the garment using a sweater shaver. Don't do this excessively, since the process slightly thins the surface over time.