How to Get White Fuzz Off Sweaters

Woman wearing hooded sweater

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When the weather turns cool, there's nothing cozier than a fluffy, warm sweater. What you don't want is a sweater covered in white fuzz balls, also known as lint or sweater pills. Sweaters of all kinds -- including cashmere, wool, flannel, cotton and synthetics -- may mat and pill. Refresh a sweater by removing these pesky nuisances that often show up after laundering.

Lint Roller Method

Place the dry sweater on a counter top or other flat surface. Spread out the sleeves and hood, if applicable.

Peel away a layer of paper from the lint roller to expose a fresh, sticky surface.

Sweep the lint roller over the sweater in short quick movements. Pull the roller toward you to remove the fuzz balls.

Turn the sweater over and remove the lint from the back. Pay close attention to fabric in the underarm area and on collars, where pilling occurs frequently.

Shears or Shaver Method

Lay the dry sweater on a flat surface, such as a table or bed. Smooth away the wrinkles with your hands.

Choose a slender pair of sewing shears or an electronic fabric shaver to remove the fuzz balls.

Place the tip of the shears at the base of each pill and cut. Or drag the electric shaver over the top of each pill to draw it into the cutting blades.

Clear pills from both sides of the sweater. Empty the pill collector on the electronic fabric shaver after cleaning the sweater.