How to Get Pills Off of a Cashmere Sweater

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Whether your favorite sweater is made from expensive, quality cashmere or a cheaper cashmere and wool blend, you may see pilling after a few wears. Unsightly pills appear as little balls when groups of fibers break and mat. You can reduce the amount of pilling by following the manufacturer’s care instructions, but even good care will not eliminate pills completely. When you see them, pull out your de-pilling tools and get to work.

Lay the sweater on a flat surface, such as a bed or table. Locate the pills on the sweater.

Pick away loose pills with your fingers or grab them with a piece of adhesive tape.

Carefully cut away pills with manicure scissors or a razor blade. Trim away the balls of fabric but do not cut too closely to the fabric.

Drag an electric fabric shaver across the sweater to remove pilling.

Brush a sweater stone lightly over the pills to collect them. De-fluff the stone occasionally to keep the stone smooth.