How to Get Pills out of Jeans

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Pilling on fabric is the result of small pieces of the fabric becoming loose, then tangling up and sticking to the surface of the material. The pills may form on the item of clothing where the tiny fuzz balls originated, or it may be transferred from one item of clothing to another. If you pull your jeans out of the dryer and find them covered with pills, don’t panic; you don’t have to pick off the balls one by one. Try some quick home remedies to remove the pills and restore the appearance of your jeans.

Lay the jeans on a flat surface. Brush them vigorously with a clean, dry stiff-bristle scrub brush. Move the brush in one direction to remove as many of the pills as possible. If the pills are not coming off easily, run an iron over the jeans set on the steam setting to loosen the fabric, then brush them again.

Scrape off the pills with a clean, sharp disposable razor. Run the razor slowly and gently across the jeans, moving it in one direction and not pressing too hard to collect the pills. Use a rag to wipe the razor blade after each swipe to remove the fuzz you’ve collected.

Rub sandpaper gently over the jeans to get rid of any remaining pills. Move the sandpaper lightly over the fabric, working in one direction, until the pills are loosened. Then brush them off with a stiff-bristle brush or use a lint roller to collect them. Don't rub too hard with the sandpaper or you risk damaging the fabric on the jeans or removing the color.