How to Remove a Button on Denim

by Jonathan Shaffer ; Updated September 28, 2017

A two-part button is used on denim jeans.

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Removing the button from a pair of denim jeans is a little more involved than removing the button on a shirt or jacket. These aluminum buttons have two parts, one is large and round and used to hold the jeans closed when buttoned. The other part is called the stud, it secures the large button to the denim. The two pieces are threaded together through a hole in the denim to create the button.

Grip the front button with one pair of pliers.

Grip the stud with another set of pliers.

Twist the button counterclockwise with one pair of pliers while holding the stud still with the other set. This will unlock the two part button.

Separate the button from the stud and pull the stud out of the hole in the denim.

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