How to Put on Cufflinks With Buttons

by Kaye Wagner ; Updated September 28, 2017

Cufflinks are used to hold long cuffs together and prevent them from getting overly dirty or getting in food. Many cufflinks display family crests, monograms, gems or other elegant designs. Some cufflinks are made out of plastic buttons or have metal shaped as buttons.

Fold the cuff over the end of the shirtsleeve so the ends of either side of the cuff are touching and the buttonholes on the cuff are lined up with the buttonholes on the shirtsleeve.

Slide one button through the buttonholes from the inside of one sleeve and cuff so the string or metal bar is in between the two cuffs and the button is on the outside of the cuff. Ensure the button has gone through the buttonhole on the shirtsleeve as well as the cuff.

Slide the other button through the other side of the cuff. Ensure that the button has gone through the buttonholes on the shirtsleeve as well as the cuff. If the other end of the cuff is a bar, slide the bar through the buttonholes and adjust it so the bar's end is perpendicular to the middle bar.

Some shirts with cuffs will have a button or two above the cuff. Secure any buttons attached to the shirt above the cuff.

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