How to Pin a Homecoming Mum

Portrait of a cheerleeder in action

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Everything's bigger in Texas, and homecoming mums are no exception. Silk chrysanthemums are just the start of these elaborate corsages. Long ribbons, feather boas, stuffed animals, bells and even lights adorn them. The bigger the mum, however, the harder it is to pin on game day. Regular safety pins won't work for the mums that are so big they weigh you down. Pull out the big pins to ensure your homecoming mum stays put so you can show off your school spirit in style.

Attach the Tube

Homecoming mums are made with a cardboard back that often has a fabric loop for pinning. If your mum didn't come with this feature, add it. Roll sturdy fabric into a tube and hot-glue the long ends to keep the tube shape. Then hot-glue the tube vertically to the back of your mum, right behind where the flower sits on the other side. Push a vertical line of several diaper or large pins through your attached fabric loop.

Attach to Bra

For the strongest hold, attach the mum to your sturdy bra strap. Hold the top of the mum up to your left bra strap, so the mum covers your heart. Push the pins through your shirt and then through your bra strap. Squeeze the pins closed. If you're sporting an extra-heavy homecoming mum, pins alone won't be enough. Attach a loop of wide ribbon through the top of the mum to wear it around your neck.