How to Tie Board Shorts

by Maggie McCormick

Board shorts are a popular choice for swimwear, whether you plan to hit the waves or not. They're typically made from a combination of cotton and Lycra and have a tie in the front over a hook-and-loop closure. Since there is no elastic in the waistband, it's important to get a good fit when you purchase board shorts. Wear a tight-fitting pair of underwear when trying on board shorts to ensure the proper size. If the string comes out, it's easy to put it back in.

Step 1

Place one end of the string into each of the board shorts' bottom holes. Pull the string tight, making sure the two sides of the string are even.

Step 2

Put the left end of the string into the nert right hole from back to front.

Step 3

Put the right end of the string into the next left hole from back to front.

Step 4

Repeat steps two and three if there are additional holes. (Most pairs of board shorts only have four holes.)

Step 5

Tie the string as though you are tying your shoes.


  • You can double-knot your board shorts string if you are afraid it will come untied.

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