How to Tuck & Tape

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Tucking and taping is necessary for men who wear women's clothing and costumes. Whether you're part of an alternative lifestyle or you want a costume to look its best, knowing how to tuck and tape is key. When you know how to tuck and tape, you can show off in a wide array of form-fitting feminine clothing and costumes. However, contrary to what the name implies, tape is not necessary.

Lay out the pair of pantyhose in front of you with the legs straightened. Snip the legs from the pantyhose.

Slit open the crotch of the pantyhose and then connect one of the removed legs to the opening. Use approximately 10 inches of thread with a needle to complete this. This creates a sort of tube for achieving the tucking task.

Put on the short-legged pantyhose, inserting your penis into the sewn on tube. Don't wear anything underneath them.

Twist the excess fabric of the pantyhose tube, twisting until it tightens around your sheathed penis. Pull the twisted end of the nylon down between your legs.

Pull the twisted end of the nylon up between your buttocks, firmly. This makes it feel like thong underwear. It also pulls your penis between your legs and back by your buttocks, achieving the tucking motion. Tuck the twisted end of the nylon down into the back of the pantyhose waistband.

Slip on a pair of panties to hold everything into place comfortably.