What Is the Purpose of a Slip Under a Dress?

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A wardrobe staple for generations, the slip has fallen out of favor in recent years. However, this forgotten and overlooked piece of lingerie once again has an important place in the wardrobe. Although the slip is a versatile garment, it still maintain its traditional purpose -- to improve appearance and comfort when worn under a dress.

Give Your Dresses the Slip

Much like a lining, a slip comes to the rescue when a dress is so sheer you can see daylight through the fabric. Additionally, a slip is handy for dresses made of clingy, synthetic materials or knits, allowing the fabric to hang freely without sticking to your legs like a magnet. This simple undergarment helps to improve the overall appearance of the dress by smoothing and shaping the body and minimizing the appearance of small bulges and imperfections. A slip also increases the comfort of a dress made of wool or other itchy, scratchy fabrics, and during the winter, it provides a bit of additional warmth.