What Jacket to Wear With Satin Tube Dress

by Jennifer Blair

For an evening out or a festive party, a sexy satin tube dress can certainly turn some heads. If you're wearing your dress on a cool evening or aren't comfortable showing a lot of skin, you may want to pair it with a jacket for extra coverage. Since a satin tube dress has such a distinctive look, choosing a jacket that allows the dress to shine is usually the best option. But if you really want to stand out, pair it with a jacket in a notice-me fabric or style.

Go Cropped

Unlike most jackets that hit at the waist or hips, a bolero is cropped high -- usually at the rib cage -- so it won’t cover up too much of your tube dress or add bulk to its slim silhouette. Bolero jackets are available in both long- and short-sleeved varieties so you can choose a style based on the season. If you want to keep your satin tube dress the center of attention, opt for a bolero jacket in a neutral color like black or gray. However, you can also find boleros in bold colors like red and purple or with embellishments like beads and sequins to jazz up a plain frock.

Go Tailored

Pair your satin tube dress with a tailored blazer to add polish. While you may think of blazers as strictly office wear, a fitted style can look sexy and chic buttoned over your dress. A cropped style that ends just above your hips is an attractive option that allows you to show off a little more of your satin dress. In the fall and winter, try a rich velvet blazer in a dark color like black or midnight blue to create an interesting contrast in texture.

Go Edgy

Instead of pairing your tube dress with a traditional evening jacket, give your dress a little rock and roll flavor by pairing it with a classic motorcycle-style leather jacket -- you can create a real contrast between the sumptuous satin and the leather by choosing a studded jacket. But you don’t have to go with a traditional black leather jacket. Instead, pair your dress with a modern leather jacket with straight lines and quilted details in a color like cream or gray to soften the look.

Go Casual

For an unexpected outfit, pair your satin tube dress with a denim jacket. The contrast between the formal satin and casual denim creates a striking look that’s ideal for date night or an evening with friends. Opt for a fitted jacket with some stretch to create a lean, sexy silhouette that showcases your curves. Denim is relaxed as is, so choose a dark-wash denim jacket for a bit more polish. You can also go for a rough-around-the-edges vibe by wearing a distressed denim jacket over your dress, or give the look a modern twist with a collarless denim jacket.

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