What Shoes Look Best With a Trapeze Dress?

Caroline McCredie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not only are they one of the most feminine garments a woman can wear, but dresses are all together fun, flirty and (mostly) flattering. A flattering dress style that is fashionable all year long is a trapeze dress, which is fitted near the armholes before flaring out loosely toward the bottom. When seeking to pair appropriate footwear with this eye-catching dress, it's important to find just the right fit. Certain shoe styles are too dramatic and others are too casual; but there are a few select styles that perfectly complement a trapeze dress.


High-heeled pumps or stilettos bring an element of polish and sophistication to a dress style that can appear more casual depending on the style. If you're wearing a trapeze dress during the colder months of the year, opt for pumps in dark shades and patent leather. For the warmer months, punctuate your trapeze dress with slingback pumps -- choose styles with ankle straps in bright, bold colors.


The perfect marriage between a boot and a shoe, a bootie is both trendy and complementary to a trapeze dress. The fun focal point of a trapeze dress is the voluminous bottom, so pairing it with a bootie adds a bit of substance to keep the look from appearing too whimsical. When combining a trapeze dress and booties, think in terms of contrast. If your dress is more of a girly design (light colors, prints, floral patterns and breezy fabric) try pairing it with an edgier booties, such as one with zippers, studs and buckles. Also try out the reverse -- an edgy trapeze dress combined with a feminine bootie featuring lace detail, an open toe and lighter colors.


Not all dresses, specifically trapeze dresses, have to be paired with a high heel. In fact, sometimes pairing a dress with a flat shoe is a smart move, as it allows the dress to be the focal point. If you want to wear flat shoes with your trapeze dress, ensure that they complement the style of the dress. A dressier trapeze style looks best with embellished ballet flats that feature details like ribbons, bows and lace. A casual style can benefit from menswear-inspired oxfords, loafers or those with edgy details like grommets and studs.


Trapeze dresses are fabulous to wear during the warm months of the year when sandals are the go-to footwear choice for many. Whether you decide on thong sandals, gladiator styles or those that feature bright colors and embellishments, you have many designs to choose from. Sandals also allow for tremendous versatility. For example, you can take your basic black trapeze dress from day to night during the spring and summer by wearing a casual pair of bright flat sandals for day and a high strappy pair for a dressy evening out.