What Color Heels Will Go With a Dark Pink-Colored Cocktail Dress?

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Dark pink cocktail dresses are a chic way to add color and pizzazz to an otherwise traditional formal look. Vibrant colors are youthful and sexy but should be kept as the main attraction when accessorizing. Keep high heels in a neutral shade to balance the look.

Black and Nude High Heels

For the most complementary look, opt for high heels in black or nude. Dresses made of heavier fabrics such as guipure lace or velvet call for pointed, closed-toe stiletto heels in a soft, skin-colored nude hue. For summer occasions, black open-toed sandals add a casual flair when coupled with dark pink cocktail gowns. Matching your shoe color to your dress is also acceptable when attending a spring event, but choose a pair of heels with contrasting shades, such as pink and white, for the best look.