Evening Wedding Attire for Male Guests

Weddings held after 6 p.m. are considered evening weddings and require more formal attire for men that a shirt and tie, though the location and nature of the ceremony may dictate how a man should dress.

Dress Not Listed

Some invitations may not indicate a particular style of dress, such as black-tie or white-tie. In these instances men should wear a dark suit with a black silk tie or another complementary color.

Black Tie

A black-tie wedding is one of the most formal types and requires the gentleman to wear a tuxedo, which consists of pants with a satin stripe running down the leg and a formal coat and white shirt. A black bow tie or tie should be worn.

Black Tie Optional

Black-tie-optional weddings provide choices for the male guest. It usually means that the wedding will be formal enough for a tuxedo to be worn, but a black, dark navy or charcoal suit also may be appropriate.

White Tie

A white-tie wedding is the most formal type of this event. Men should wear a dress coat, starched shirt, tuxedo pants, starched white shirt and a white bow tie. A white waistcoat also may be worn.

Evening Beach Wedding

Evening weddings held on the beach typically do not require a tuxedo (unless you're a member of the wedding party). Instead, choose a light-colored linen suit or one made from another lightweight material.

When in Doubt

For most men, a dark suit is always appropriate to wear to a wedding, particularly when the style of dress is not specified. When in doubt, ask the bride, groom or person in charge of planning the wedding what the best type of attire is for that particular ceremony.