How to Dress for a First Communion Party

How to Dress for a First Communion Party. First Holy Communion is a very special day in the life of a Catholic second grader. He or she most likely will have spent months preparing for the sacrament. If you are invited to the First Communion Party be sure and put some thought into how you will dress.

Find out where the party will be. Where the party is being held can help you determine how formal the party will be.

Think about the weather. Most First Communions are held in the Spring which means the weather will probably be warm but also unpredictable. Be prepared with a light sweater or coat in case it is cool or rainy.

Remember that the party will be after church. Most guests will attend the service as well. Dress appropriately for church.

Pick out a coat and tie. You can always take your tie off later if you don't need it.

Wear a dress. Remember that the girls making their First Communion will be wearing white dresses and veils in most cases.

Ask the host or hostess if you are unsure of what to wear. It is better to ask than to be inappropriately dressed.