Wedding Wear for Men

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Dressing up for a wedding can be tricky, with all the different types of wedding affairs. Follow a few simple rules though, and you'll never go wrong. First, check out the invitation. Most invitations indicate the required attire, such as black tie or semi-formal. Take the time of the wedding into consideration too. Evening weddings usually call for black-tie or formal wear, while daytime weddings allow for more casual outfits.

Black Tie

Black tie weddings require a tuxedo, which consists of a black dinner jacket, trousers, white shirt and bow tie or ascot. If the affair calls for creative black tie, don a tuxedo, but opt for a darker or collarless shirt instead. For "black tie optional" weddings, you have an option of a tuxedo or a dark colored suit. lfif you're still unsure of what to wear, it is always better to be overdressed than under-dressed for any event.


Don a dark suit paired with a crisp, white shirt, tie, trousers and elegant accessories for formal weddings. Cocktail wedding celebrations require the same formal outfit. For daytime formal affairs, wear a lighter colored jacket.


Semi-formal weddings call for a slightly dressed down attire such as a dress shirt with tie, blazer and dress pants. Darker colors and pinstripes are still more appropriate for evenings and winters, as lighter colors are for daytime events.


Destination weddings held in the warmer climates of the Caribbean, Hawaii, the French Riviera or Asia allows for a more relaxed outfit. Wear a lighter suit color, like pale blue or taupe, if the wedding is formal or indoors. If it's a beach wedding don a white, cotton tunic with matching drawstring trousers.


Black tie usually requires elegant accessories such as the bow tie or the classic ascot, cuff-links, boutonnieres or pocket squares and a top hat (if the theme calls for it). Formal wear commonly requires the all-reliable tie and a choice of boutonnieres or pocket squares. For destination or beach weddings, popular accessories are the straw fedora, flip-flops or sandals, and beaded necklace.