How to Dress for a Bris Ceremony

How to Dress for a Bris Ceremony. A bris ceremony is a religious event that welcomes a newborn baby boy into a Jewish family. Because of the overriding religious nature, guests should wear appropriate attire to this customary gathering. When dressing for a bris ceremony, it is important to remember that you cannot overdress for this special occasion. When in doubt with your clothing choices, opt for the more formal attire.

What to Wear

Research the location of the bris. For example, someone's home, a synagogue, temple or banquet hall. A bris that occurs in a synagogue is more formal than that in a person's home.

Research the time of day the bris will take place. A morning bris ceremony is often less formal than an evening event, unless the bris takes place during the morning Shabbat service at temple.

Select formal or business casual attire that corresponds to your answers in Steps One and Two.

Ask family and friends for advice if you cannot determine the most appropriate attire to wear for the occasion.


Select a nice suit or business casual outfit.

Wear a yarmulke, the traditional head covering for men, if you are Jewish or it is offered to you at the beginning of the ceremony. Wearing a yarmulke is a sign of respect for the religion.

Remove the yarmulke when the ceremony is over.


Select a nice dress or skirt suit. Orthodox Jewish custom says women should not wear trousers or pants to a lifecycle even such as a bris.

Choose comfortable shoes since most of the bris ceremony involves standing.

Cover your head with a yarmulke or handkerchief for Orthodox Jewish bris ceremonies held in a synagogue. For less formal settings, it is not necessary to wear a head covering.