What Do the English Wear to an Amish Wedding?

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The Amish are a deeply traditional and custom-oriented group, with Amish weddings focusing heavily on the sanctity of marriage, family and religious faith. English guests who are present at traditional Amish weddings dress much like they would any formal occasion, but are careful to respect the customs and beliefs of their hosts.


While each wedding varies, most Englishmen who are guests of Amish weddings dress according to traditional English culture. Traditional shirts and ties are typically worn, as are dress shoes that match the color of the clothing they wear. Men who have been asked to take part in the celebrations as a groomsman or usher, on the other hand, typically wear clothing matching the rest of the groomsmen, which typically includes dark trousers, suspenders, matching-colored shirts with or without a tie buttoned all the way up the neck. The head is topped with a wide-brim black hat in accordance with Amish tradition.


The attire for Englishwomen who are guests at traditional Amish weddings is often a bit more reserved than that of the men. In recognition and respect of Amish culture, most women wear dresses that show little leg and have high necklines to avoid showing cleavage. In addition, most women wear simple shoes and avoid wearing flashy colors in respect to the bride. Women who are asked to be part of the bridal party dress in traditional Amish attire, which includes long dresses with high necks, and the head is often covered with a cap or veil.


English children who attend traditional Amish weddings dress much like children would dress at any formal event with the exception that female children wear dresses as opposed to pants. Boys typically are dressed in age-appropriate dress pants and shirts with dress shoes selected to match. The dresses worn by children are typically less restrictive than those worn by grown women, but are conservative in design and typically cover most of the length of the legs.


Because the Amish do not believe in piercings of any kind, jewelry is typically kept to a minimum out of respect to the bride, groom and the attendees of the wedding as a whole. The wearing of wedding rings is fine and is in accordance with Amish customs and traditions. The wearing of elaborate jewelry, particularly piercings of the ears, nose or other obvious body parts, is considered offensive, however, and should be avoided.