What Is the Proper Clothing for Mormon Women to Wear to Church on Sunday?

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A typical Mormon Sunday service lasts three hours and members are encouraged to wear their Sunday best. Women are encouraged to dress modestly and respectfully. Whether you're visiting a friend and attending services, investigating The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or simply wondering what's kosher, remember that conservatism is usually key when it comes to Mormon Sunday fashion. While visitors are welcome to wear anything they're comfortable in, you'll probably be the most comfortable when wearing the proper and more commonly acceptable clothes during a service.


Modesty is one of the first concepts taught within the Mormon religion, which is probably why you'll find most women attending church in clothes that cover. Mormons typically keep their shoulders and midriffs covered, and usually wear skirts or dresses that reach to the knees. Modesty is an important facet of Mormonism, and visitors are encouraged to observe the requirements when attending a service. Keep in mind that adding a jacket or wearing tights can help women create more modest outfits when heading to church.

Dresses and Skirts

Most Mormon women wear semi-formal wear -- dresses and skirts -- to Sunday services. For Mormons, reverent clothing is a sign of respect for the church meetinghouse and the actual service. Business casual wear also is acceptable. While most women don't wear slacks, a well-cut pair of trousers -- not jeans -- are also acceptable, particularly for Mormon women and visitors who are uncomfortable in skirts and dresses.


Just about any top or blouse is permissible for Mormon women, as long as it covers the shoulders and midriff, and isn't excessively low in the front. Cardigans, button-up blouses and even clean, pressed T-shirts are all common sights during a Sunday service.


No specific guidelines exist regarding accessories worn to church. The only suggestion the church has given is to avoid wearing overly casual footwear, such as flip flops. Still, boots, heels, sandals and other types of footwear are par for the course. One consideration is the fact that while a Mormon service is three hours long, it requires movement to different services and classes. Mormon women often stick with comfortable, functional footwear that allows movement and of course, chasing after a wayward child.

Mormon women are free to experiment with jewelry, scarves and other accessories for Sunday services, as long as modesty and respectfulness is remembered. You'll probably find a lack of logos, loud patterns or non-traditional jewelry piercings in a typical Sunday service.