What Clothes Do They Wear in Israel?

What people wear in Israel reflects the fact that the country is the crossroads of many cultures and religions. This impacts local fashion as much as the climate and geography do.


Religious garb is everywhere in Israel, especially in Jerusalem. Ultra-orthodox Jews cling to their traditional black hats and coats, Jewish men wearing skullcaps are a normal sight, and you will see nuns, monks and priests of various denominations wearing their particular vestments.


Many Arabs and Bedouins maintain their traditional headdress and embroidered robes, regardless of their religion.


When visiting holy sites or religious neighborhoods, women should wear skirts and long sleeves, and men should wear long pants. Otherwise, you may be refused entry to some tourist sites. But in coastal cities like Tel Aviv, anything goes.


Israel is brutally hot in the summer, so sun protection is important: long sleeves, skirts and hats are recommended. It is cold and wet in much of the country during the winter, so you'll need warm layers and rain gear.


Israel's fashion trade is one of its most important industries.Some typically Israeli things you might want to pick up on your trip include Israeli sandals, shoes, scarves and hats.