What Type of Clothing Do People in the Netherlands Wear?

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Weather conditions determine appropriate clothing in the Netherlands. Otherwise, clothes appear similar to those worn elsewhere. Netherlands culture has unique traditional clothes, although people in the Netherlands only wear traditional clothes during special occasions.

Standard Clothing

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Average attire includes jeans, T-shirts, sweaters and whatever shoes fit the season. Dress code in general tends to be informal. Seasonal temperatures remain relatively moderate, and clothing reflects this. The Netherlands receives heavy amounts of rain, however, so its citizens often need rain wear.

Traditional Men's Clothing

The traditional male costume includes woolen pants with silver buttons on the front square flap, as well as wooden clogs, a shirt, a jacket and a hat. The shape and design of the hat varies according to region.

Traditional Women's Clothing

Traditional dress for women includes long skirts, blouses, aprons and shawls or other shoulder decorations. Hats vary according to region, and most women wear wooden clogs. Clothes for special days and Sundays use better fabric and lace. Some skirts include stripes, while others are plain. Some women also wear a jacket with short sleeves or an embroidered scarf.