What Do Brazilian People Wear?

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Brazil, the fifth-largest country in the world and largest in South America, boasts a largely tropical climate that influences fashion and style. Brazil's Portuguese roots also play a role in dictating suitable attire for men and women. Sophisticated and well dressed, modern Brazilians typically make a point to be fashionable wherever they are -- and expect others to do the same.

Business Environment

Corporate men in Brazil usually wear dark suits and ties that give the impression of seriousness, with bright or elaborately colored ties discouraged. The style can indicate a man's role in the corporate environment: executives usually wear three-piece suits, while office workers wear two-piece varieties. They finish off their outfits with dark shined shoes. Corporate women wear simple dresses or feminine pantsuits that are tasteful without being fussy. Pantyhose are optional and accessories understated.

Casual Clothes

For casual attire, Brazilian men often wear khakis and short sleeves in light fabrics like cotton or linen. They may opt for longer shorts as well. Women generally wear tight-fitting jeans with beaded or sequined designs, along with halters or T-shirts. Smock-style dresses, khakis and skirts with hems no longer than knee length are also acceptable. Footwear usually consists of sandals or heeled shoes.


On the beach, many women wear bikinis -- often in small cuts that include thongs. Men's swimwear includes Speedo-style suits as well as the square-shaped styles similar to boxer briefs that have become popular in recent years.

Fashion Don'ts

There are also clothes and styles that Brazilians generally do not wear, including double-knit and polyester fabrics. While sandals are appropriate for ladies, flip-flops are not acceptable office footwear in Brazil. Finally, heavy makeup is impractical for the climate and not usually worn, while body piercings are generally considered unfashionable in Brazil.