What Do People Wear to the Metropolitan Opera?

The Metropolitan Opera has been a social fixture in New York for 128 seasons. This opera house attracts top notch talent and is known as one of America’s finest opera houses. While the Metropolitan Opera website lists that there is officially no dress code, they recommend you dress in appropriate professional attire. In addition, the website indicates that it is common for people to dress in more formal attire for galas or openings.

Men's Formal Attire

Men typically dress up for openings and galas in formal attire. Wear a traditional tuxedo with a black or white tie. Make a particularly stylish impression by wearing a white tie and tails.

Women's Formal Attire

Choose a long, elegant gown. The longer the gown, the more formal it is considered. For a particularly stylish flair, accessorize with gloves. Match the formality of your ensemble with that of your escort.

Men's Professional Attire

Professional attire for nights other than a gala or opening is recommended by the website Protocolprofessionals.com. For men, recommended professional attire is typically a black tie and a dark suit.

Women's Professional Attire

Professional attire for women is recommended for most opera performances. Wear a short or long gown, keeping in mind that many women will be wearing designer gowns. More conservative, professional styles are preferable to racy, very short or flamboyant styles. A basic black dress with pearls is considered an opera standard.