What Is Uptown Casual Dress?

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An uptown casual dress focuses more on comfort and chic trends rather than presentation. Besides the blue jeans and T-shirt, lycra tops and sweatshirts with khaki pants is also suitable choice for day wear. For evenings, the most worn dresses are turtle neck cardigans and polo shirts. For casual uptown parties, simple short silk dresses or organza gowns are considered the best options.

Uptown Casual Business Dress

The wardrobe for casual business dressing includes khakis, white shirts and loafers. Sweaters and simple dress pants are also commonly worn in the corporate world. Men’s casual business dress includes blazers in solid colors and slacks. Knitwear is also popular among men.

Uptown Casual Dress for Youngsters

Slacks and chinos are becoming very popular among young men and women between the ages of 18 and 25 these days. Due to popularity of sports and influence of athletes, sports outfits are commonly worn in clubs and bars. Additionally, khakis and worn-out jeans are considered trendy.

Uptown Summer Dress

Among women, usually short and comfortable dog-style outfits are popular. Popular colors of summer dresses are green, yellow, white, pink and gray. A lot of girls are seen around wearing A-line skirts and sophisticated plaid tops during warm summer days.

Uptown Party Dress

Mini dresses with low necklines are the typical uniform of uptown girls. For an interesting fashion-getup, you can get edgy dresses with spaghetti straps.


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