How to Dress a Kid for a Hoedown Dance

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Hoedowns, or barn dances, originated in rural Scotland in the 1860s. Unsurprisingly, when the Scottish people immigrated, they brought their style of dance with them and it become part of dancing in rural America. While "hoedown" used to be synonymous with a type of dance in which each dancer had a small solo, it is now used to describe barn dances of yesteryear. Hoedown attire typically includes Western outfits or clothing evocative of cowboys and cowgirls. Dress your child up in clothing from a western store or go to your local thrift shop to get some ideas.

Pick out a shirt for your child. Cowboys often wear long-sleeved, flannel or plaid tops. Cowboys are also sometimes seen in button down white shirts with shoestring-like bolo ties. Purchase any of these items at a thrift store or a local western store.

Choose denim pants for your child to wear. Cowboys often wear jeans while working, so jeans are appropriate. If it is hot outside, your child can wear denim shorts or a denim skirt.

Choose footwear for your child. Cowboy boots are most appropriate and are available in children's sizes at most western stores. You can also often find cowboy boots in the dress-up sections of toy stores.

Add accessories. A cowboy hat can be purchased at a western store or in the dress-up section of a toy store. A bandanna can be worn around the neck for added flair. Some cowboys often wear vests, especially dressing up, so look for a leather or suede vest (particularly with fringe) to add to the ensemble.