How to Make a Caterpillar Costume

caterpillar image by Marek Kosmal from

A caterpillar costume is a full-body costume that is ideal for cooler climates where smaller costumes may cause the child to get too cold for comfort. Caterpillar costumes are simple to make and usually elicit praise from party-goers. A caterpillar costume does not take long to make, and you can complete the costume in less than one day. This caterpillar costume is sturdy enough to last for several years. You can design the costume to look like a real caterpillar, or a make-believe caterpillar.

Lay the child onto the butcher paper with arms extended. Draw the outline of the child from neck to ankles. Draw the outline of the arms like long sleeves. Draw a circular line around the neck for an opening. Add 2 inches to all sides of the pattern for a seam allowance. Cut out the paper pattern.

Transfer the pattern onto felt. Cut out 2 sides of the costume.

Cut 2 inch wide strips from colored felt or fuzzy fabric. Make the strips as long as the back of the costume. Sew the strips to the back of the costume like a caterpillar.

Place the right sides of the costume together. Sew the two pieces of the costume together. Do not sew the neck, bottom of the sleeves or bottom of the costume.

Put the costume on the child. You may have to cut a small slit in the front or back of the costume so the neck opening will fit over the child’s head. You may also have to cut a slit in the front so the child can walk easily. Remove the costume.

Cut eight rectangular pieces of felt the same length as the child’s arms. Sew three sides of the rectangles together and turn them right-side out. Stuff the tubes with stuffing. Sew the legs to the sides of the costumes by hand.

Sew two pipe cleaners to the top of the beanie hat. Twist the tops of the pipe cleaners into a rounded shape.

Have the child wear the costume with black tights and black gloves.