How to Make a Sari for Kids

Barbara Penoyar/Stockbyte/Getty Images

A sari is a rectangular piece of cloth that is traditionally worn by women in India. It is wrapped around the waist and then draped over a shoulder. The sari is the national dress for women in India. A blouse and an undergarment, like a petticoat, are also worn underneath the sari to keep women covered. The sari is not cut or sized, so anyone can easily craft one. A children's sari can be easily made out of colorful fabric you have at home.

Dress the child in the T-shirt and slip. The slip is important, as you will need to tuck part of the sari into it.

Tuck the right end of the fabric into the slip at the child's right side. Leave enough fabric hanging so that the fabric comes just to the child's ankles. Tuck in the fabric all the way around the child's waist, leaving the hanging portion level all the way around.

Make four to five large pleats in the fabric, folding it toward the child's left side. Tuck the top of the fabric into the waistband of the slip again so the pleats will hold.

Pull the sari all the way around the child's body once again, but this time without tucking it in.

Drape the remaining fabric over the left shoulder of the child, leaving the end of the fabric hanging over the back. This makes a simple sari.