How to Dress for a Baby Christening

by Barbie Carpenter ; Updated September 28, 2017

Modest attire is appropriate for a baby christening.

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A baby's christening is a solemn religious occasion that welcomes a young child into the church family and commits the child to a life of Christianity. Because the christening typically occurs at a place of worship, the guests' attire should be both formal and respectful of the occasion. Christening looks can range from business-casual clothing to business formal, depending on the church, season and time of the event.

Christening Attire for Women

Appropriate christening attire for women includes a well-tailored pair of dress pants coupled with a modest blouse or sweater and high heels or ballet flats. That blouse or sweater can also be paired with a skirt, such as a pencil skirt. Women may also choose to wear a modest dress or business suit to a baby christening, focusing on styles that do not show too much skin. Hemlines should hit at or past the knees, and spaghetti straps and revealing the d├ęcolletage should be avoided.

Christening Looks for Men

Men can look the part for a baby christening by wearing dress slacks and a seasonally appropriate button-down shirt. This top can be paired with a blazer and a pair of leather shoes. Men who are playing a role in the christening, such as the father or godfather, might opt to wear a dark business suit and black or brown leather shoes for the occasion. A tie should be worn with a suit and is also a way to dress up the dress slacks and blazer look.

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