How to Phrase Graduation Announcements

How to Phrase Graduation Announcements. Graduation from high school or college is a proud event that most graduates want to share with family and friends. Selecting the best way to phrase a graduation announcement using a few guidelines along with a personal touch and creativity makes this task simple.

Choose an announcement, not an invitation phrasing. An announcement informs family and friends of the graduation and can be mailed close to the graduation date. A graduation invitation differs because it invites people to attend a party or the actual graduation.

Start the announcement phrasing with an opening that grabs the reader's attention such as "We are proud to announce the graduation of our daughter," or "We are proud to honor our graduate."

Include the graduate's full name, school they're graduating from, degree if it is from college, date of graduation, and the school's city and state. Also present achievements such as "Graduating Magna Cum Laude."

Close the announcement with a phrase emphasizing the graduate's completion and sense of achievement. For high schoolers, state the graduate's future plans, "Plans to Attend State University in the Fall" and for college grads say, "Is Beginning a Career as a Junior Analyst with KPMG."