Proud of You Letter Ideas

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Telling someone you are proud of them is rewarding for both of you. You not only get to express your emotions, but the reader gets to feel good knowing you are proud. Letting someone know you are proud of them encourages them to keep up the good work. Write your thoughts in a card or letter, and you will surely brighten someone's day.

A Poem of Praise

If you cannot find the words to express your pride, you can use someone else's by copying your favorite poem of praise. Just remember to give credit to the author.

For Outstanding Academic Achievement

When someone graduates from an academic program, it is always appropriate to send a card or letter expressing pride. Whether the student graduated from preschool, high school, college, or medical school, their outstanding academic achievement should not go unnoticed. Remember to wish them continued success in future endeavors.

Offering Sincere Congratulations

When someone receives a big job promotion or completes a triathlon, show your pride by offering your most sincere congratulations in a letter. Tell them how proud you are of all of their hard work and effort. Let them know how you admire their tenacity and hold them as a role model.