What Are the Benefits of Encouragement?

Encouragement can play a vital role in how a child grows and develops and how adults thrive in their day-to-day lives. The benefits of encouragement far outweigh the effect of criticism. It cannot only affect individuals, but also those who are in their presence as well.


Encouragement can help boost self-confidence. They recipient will have more confidence in how much they can achieve and be more positive about their abilities.


When individuals receive encouragement regarding the work or tasks they do, even if they are not doing well, it could make them want to work harder, do better and make a huge effort to finish the job.


The combination of all the benefits of encouragement could culminate to help form an overall successful person. Support, whether it is from one person or many, can be a big motivator for people and what they achieve.


Those that receive encouragement often feel better about themselves. They often will become more confident.


Encouragement from others will help them feel validated and proud of their accomplishments.