How to Console a Friend Who Was Fired

Ronnie Kaufman/Blend Images/Getty Images

Being fired can be a devastating experience, but support from a friend can help to ease the pain. Losing a job can cause a loss of identity, purpose and security. Going through the grieving process is necessary to healing. To help a friend cope with being fired, find out what she needs. Your friend may be experiencing painful emotions, but she may also feel relief. Every situation is different, which is why it is important to let your friend set the pace.

Open Ears

Job loss affects every area of a person’s life, from her everyday routine to how she feels about herself. You do not have to offer advice; just listening will help your friend feel less alone. Allowing your friend to share her feelings can help her to process the loss.

Help With Healing

Suggest she journal to process her feelings. Being physically active can also help to heal and motivate. You might offer to go for a walk or to participate in some activity she likes. Be supportive, but do not pressure your friend. Make sure to give her space to work things out on her own and to make her own choices.

Offering Support

Help your friend find and access information about unemployment, health insurance coverage or building a resume when she indicates she's ready. But don't wait too long. Missing a deadline can cost someone's who's out of work when they can least afford the extra expense.