Memorial Gifts for the Loss of a Mother

Finn O'Hara/Lifesize/Getty Images

No two people have an identical grief experience. The emotions and feelings experienced by people grieving their mothers are based on the complexities of their relationships, situations, environments, cultures, beliefs and personal characteristics. Common grief-related emotions include, but are certainly not limited to, sadness, fear, confusions, anger, guilt and relief. If someone you love is grieving the loss of his mother, consider grieving him a sympathy gift that will help work through his grief or will provide her with a lasting memory of her mother.


Consider making a donation to a charity that your loved one's mother was involved in or felt strongly about. For example, if she was passionate about animal rights, you could make a donation to PETA, or if she devoted her free time to volunteering with the homeless, you could make a donation to a homeless shelter. Many charities offer gift cards to make a donation as a gift for someone. Make the donation out in the name of your loved one's mother and give the card to her as a keepsake. This gift shows that even in death, her mother's strong values are still influential.


Consider making your loved one a scrapbook filled with pictures and special mementos of her mother's life. The pictures could be in chronological order, telling the story of her life, or of special events and happy times in her life. The mementos could be anything of hers, such as a stamp from her stamp collection or a ticket to an event she attended. An alternative idea is a video scrapbook, consisting of a slide show of images and video clips from his mother's life. The video scrapbook could be set to a song that his mother loved or that had special meaning to her, such as the song she danced to with her husband with at their wedding.

Care Package

Put together a care package filled with items that will help your loved one cope with the loss of her mother. Example include videos and/or books about grief, inspirational books, soft tissues for crying, comfort food, gourmet coffee, plush slippers, a gift certificate for a maid service or a weekend getaway, a prayer book, a guardian angel pin and a framed poem. You could also include a candle or memory box with her mother's picture and/or name.