Gifts for Someone Whose Grandfather Has Passed Away

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The passing of a loved one can be a difficult time for the family who remains. When a grandfather is lost, give his grandchild a gift that either pays tribute to the personality of the grandfather and the memories the child has of him, or serves as a comfort to the individual.


Photographs are often very comforting when you have lost a loved one. Gather all the photos that you can of the grandfather and of the grandfather with his grandchild. Place the photos into a scrapbook or photo album so the grandchild can flip through the pages and be reminded of happy times with his grandfather. If you do not have many photos of the grandfather, choose a favorite photo and frame it.


Find a poem that relays the special sentiments and feelings associated with a grandfather. You can write the poem yourself and customize it to the grandfather's personality traits and personal history or you can use an already published poem that relates to grandparents. Frame the poem and present it to the grandchild so he can display it in his home as a constant reminder of the love they shared. Reading the poem may bring him comfort during the difficult time.


Give a gift that is reminiscent of the hobbies and pastimes that the grandfather enjoyed, especially ones he shared with his grandchild. For example, if he was a fisherman, give his grandson a fishing pole with a note that says "with every fish that you catch with this pole, I hope you recall happy times fishing with your grandfather." If the grandfather was a stamp or baseball card collector, give the grandson an empty stamp or card book so he can continue the activity in memory of his grandfather.

Memories or Anedote

If you have a treasured memory of the grandfather, share it with the grandchild. Write down the memory or anecdote and explain why it is important or significant to you. The memory can be humorous or heartfelt, or simply reflect the personality of the grandfather. Give the written memory with your personal sentiments to the grandson. Hearing other people's memories can help keep the grandchild's own memories of his grandfather alive. It can also be comforting to see how many lives his grandfather has touched.