Ideas for a Casket Memory Box

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A funeral is a difficult ceremony full of grieving and tears. However, positive moments also arise as mourners recall fond times and memories. A good way to remember the departed and recall fond memories is through the use of a casket memory box. This box is typically placed in or near the casket to allow a location for items in remembrance of the deceased to be placed. The box can be buried with the deceased or kept by family members as a memento.


Pictures are a way to help people remember the departed. Emotions invoked by photos include joy and laughter, which will likely be welcome under the circumstances. Use pictures of the deceased with family and friends, on vacations or anything else that brings up a memory. Another idea is to include pictures of him at different stages of life, which can tell a pictorial story.

Poems and Letters

Writing a poem or letter to the deceased is a good way to goodbye and help others deal with the loss. Many people regret not having a last goodbye or final words with someone who has died. Writing a letter to be placed in the casket memory box is a good way to have that final goodbye, even if it cannot be in person. It does not have to be read aloud unless that is your wish. If an original or published poem is read at the service or burial, place a copy in the box for remembrance.

Milestones and Achievements

There are achievements throughout a person's life that he may be particularly proud of. Good examples are athletic awards or military medals, academic decathlons, speech and writing contests or even a hot dog eating contest trophy -- anything he was proud of should be included. If he kept a scrapbook of his milestones, place the book into the box instead of individual items.

Personal Favorites

A person's passions tell a lot about her. If she was a lover of the arts, add a small rendering or postcard of her favorite painting or sculpture. Charities or organizations she spent a lot of time championing should be represented in the box, perhaps with an item bearing their logo. If she was a huge sports fan, place a patch or sticker with her team's logo in the memory casket box. The sky is the limit with this -- it all depends on what really brought joy to the departed's heart while she was still alive.