How to Memorialize on a Death Anniversary

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Remembering a loved one or family member on the anniversary of their passing can help keep his memory alive for you and your family. There are a variety of ways you can remember the person and memorialize them on the anniversary. Select whatever method is most meaningful to you and your loved ones, creating a memorial that relates to the personality and the tastes of the person who has passed.

Step 1

Run a memorial piece in the obituary section of your local newspaper. This can include a photo and loving words from friends or family, or simple a poem that reminds you of him.

Step 2

Ask the minister at your local church to ask for prayers for your loved one, at the service that falls on the day of the anniversary.

Step 3

Make a donation to a charity that was special to your loved one, in his name.

Step 4

Hold a fundraiser, such as a bake sale or car wash, in memory of the deceased person. Include signs and literature at the event that pay tribute to your loved one. Donate all the funds raised to a cause that was special to him -- or to his memorial fund, if applicable.

Step 5

Gather friends and family members at his grave site to read prayers and poems, share stories and place flowers on his grave.

Step 6

Throw a party in honor of the deceased to celebrate the life of your loved one, exchange memories and anecdotes and remember his life with joy.