Church Memorial Gifts

If you wish to give a memorial gift to a church in the name of your loved one, check with the church to determine what types of memorial gifts are appropriate and acceptable before making the gift. Each church has its own rules about memorial gifts.

Hymnals and Renovations

Purchase new hymnals for a church and have an inscription placed on the inside front cover denoting that the hymnals have been purchased in honor of the person you want to memorialize. If the church is in need of renovations, help pay for them in the name of the deceased. Donate money to the church’s maintenance or operating funds in the deceased person’s name. Donate a new baptismal font or pews and ask if a plaque can be attached to the font or to the pew with the person’s name inscribed on it.

Flowers or Wind Chimes

Each holiday, buy flowers in honor of your loved one and place them in the sanctuary. Flower memorial gifts are generally included in the weekly church bulletin. Lilies are most welcome at Easter and poinsettias at Christmas. Another possibility is to present the church with wind chimes in memory of the deceased person, if those are acceptable to the church. Every time the wind blows through the church it will be a reminder of this person.

Trees and Garden

Dedicate a trees or trees that can be planted in the church yard, suggests Memorial trees are a perfect way to express condolences and also provide an enduring symbol of the deceased person. If there is a garden near the church, purchase steppingstones with the deceased person’s name engraved on them.

Program Sponsorship

Sponsor a free-lunch program for children during the summertime in the name of your loved one. This is a great way to memorialize someone and feed hungry children at the same time. You could also sponsor the church's vacation Bible school or sponsor a missionary in the name of the deceased person.