How to Build a Welcoming Packet for Church

Welcome packets are a great way to help frequent visitors and new parishioners find the answers to questions they might have about the church. Information on the church mission, ministries and events all are helpful. Building a welcome packet for new church members is a great way to provide all the information they need to get involved in the church community. Putting the right information in your welcome packet will ensure that new parishioners have all the information they want.

Decide if you want to present your welcome packet as a folder or a stapled packet of papers. Folders provide a professional look and allow papers of different sizes to be included.

Include a business card for the main church phone number. Some folders offer slits in the pockets that accommodate business cards, so they are the first thing seen when the folder is opened.

Have the pastor write a welcome letter. This letter can describe the mission and vision of the church and pastor. It should be a friendly, positive look at what the church stands for and why this particular community is special.

Create a list of all the ministries or organizations that operate within the church. Both charitable organizations and social groups should be included. Add a short description of each as well as the contact information of the point person.

Add a church calendar to the folder. This should include the times that services are held each day, as well as upcoming speakers or events that the church is sponsoring.

Write a short history of the church to include in the welcome packet. Whether the church is newly formed or has been operating for decades, the history can give new members insight into the church.

Include any cards that the church provides for contact information or volunteer opportunities. Many churches offer new members a card with check boxes for each ministry. Parishioners can check off anything they are interested in, and someone from each group can contact them.