Deacon Ordination Gifts

by Jack Stone ; Updated September 28, 2017

Churches all over the world use deacons for various purposes. The role of a deacon originates in the New Testament, where the Greek word “diakonos,” or servant, is used to refer to a specific role in the church. For deacons who are just ordained into ministry, giving a gift is appropriate to help them celebrate the occasion.

Minister’s Bible

For the newly appointed deacon, Hendrickson Publisher’s NKJV Minister’s Bible is a timely gift. This Bible comes in an attractive size and with sturdy binding. Inside, the text of the Bible is easy to read, and plenty of scriptural cross-references are provided in the middle margin. One of the most distinctive features of this Bible, however, is the variety of practical ministry helps provided in the back of the Bible. Deacons will find sections dealing with counseling and special occasions especially helpful; a large concordance also is helpful for regular ministry and Bible use.


For the deacon ordained into high-church settings, a gift of liturgical significance is appropriate. A burse, a small bag used for carrying the communion linens to and from the altar, makes an ideal gift. The gusseted genuine leather burse sold by allows for increased room and comes with an included cord to tie the burse around the neck.


For the deacon who has plenty already, a paperweight can be a memorable gift. Paperweights are often sold with Christian themes or Biblical decorations, providing inspiration and encouragement to deacons on a regular basis as it sits on their desk. Some paperweights even include a deacon’s cross, ideal for the deacon who enjoys products with the deacon’s cross engraved on it.

Letter Opener

Much like a paperweight, a letter opener with a special message is ideal for deacons. Some letter openers have a short message, inscribed by friends or family, to regularly inspire deacons. Other letter openers bear an image or are shaped to resemble Biblical themes, such as the deacon’s cross letter opener from

Bible Commentaries

Every deacon will spend plenty of time studying the scriptures, so individual or sets of commentaries could be of great use. There are several commentaries available for purchase from a variety of Christian book distributors or publishers. For the deacon concerned with practical living, purchase commentaries that provide a great deal of application. For the deacon who is more interested in the Biblical text and exegetical analysis, an in-depth commentary is ideal.

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