Gift for an Elderly & Visually Impaired Grandma

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Photo websites are filled with great gifts for grandmas -- from montages to mugs to magnets. But if your grandmother has vision impairment, it can be hard for her to appreciate photo-related gifts. Instead, you can opt for a gift that will make your grandma's life more comfortable, entertain her or show her that you love her for who she is.

Talking Gadgets

There's a whole industry out there that focuses on creating gadgets that can make the lives of the visually impaired easier. Consider buying your grandma a gadget such as a talking wristwatch, telephone, microwave or thermometer; a voice controlled alarm clock; or a touch-based headset for listening to music. Another practical gadget to consider is a locator, which can help the recipient find her keys, wallet or other objects.


Your company is the entertainment that Grandma really appreciates, but when you can't be there, leave her with some gifts that she can use to pass the time. Audiobooks or large print books will help her keep up with her favorite authors, and magnifiers may enable her to read almost anything -- even the newspaper. You can also record messages from your friends and family for her to listen to, buy some large print playing cards for her, or invest in a digital talking Bible. Looking for a way that Grandma will be able to enjoy almost any book out there? If it's in your budget, invest in a Kindle and teach her how to use it to magnify the type of any book she can download onto it.

Practical Presents

Even low-tech gifts can make Grandma's life easier. Large-print items, such as calendars, planners or address books, can help her continue to function in her usual top form. In a similar vein, you can buy her a miniature tape recorder to record shopping lists or small to-do lists on. Anti-glare sunglasses can help protect her eyes from the bright sunlight, and a plate guard or lipped plate can make eating easier for her.

Non-Vision Related Gifts

If your grandma is sensitive about her vision loss, choose a gift that doesn't focus on it as much. A gift certificate to a nice restaurant (maybe with a grandchild in tow?), a relaxing massage, a gift certificate to a restaurant or a nice sweater might be just the thing to make your grandma feel loved and cared for. Remember that your grandma is a lot more than a "woman with vision loss," and some of your gifts to her should reflect that.