Ideas for a 95th Birthday Gift

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It can be tough to find birthday gifts for someone celebrating a 95th birthday. However, options abound for those willing to put in the effort. A person at that age is likely to appreciate thoughtful, family-oriented gifts and practical items that could help him or her around the house.

Night Out

Depending on her health, offer to take her out of the house for a night. If she has an interest in the theater, make special arrangements to take her to a play -- perhaps reserving an area in the theater just for her -- and share the experience with her. A 95-year-old might not get many chances to leave the house, and she will likely appreciate the opportunity.

CD of Memories

Take the time to make something homemade and with sentimental value. Gather audio recordings of friends, family members and former colleagues sharing their congratulations, memories and well-wishes. Compile old and new pictures of family and past events you shared with him. Create a CD and arrange it all with music in the background for a heartwarming gift that a 95-year-old is sure to appreciate.

Practical Gifts

A woman that age is likely to have trouble getting around the house, lifting objects or just making the home a more comfortable place to live. Buy the birthday girl practical items such as fresh linens, calendars, home-cooked meals, television and telephone amplifiers or even offer to do some maintenance work around the house.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Although a 95-year-old is likely to be on Medicare, you can buy a supplemental insurance policy known as "Medigap." Medigap is private health insurance that covers things like co-payments and deductibles that Medicare doesn't cover. The additional health care coverage can be an enormous relief to a 95-year-old. Many private insurance companies offer a standardized Medigap policy that can't be canceled even if he has health problems as long as you pay the premium. However, be prepared to pay for the coverage for the rest of his life.