Ways to Show Admiration to Your Boyfriend

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Men love to know that their girlfriends truly admire and appreciate them in all aspects -- from their career success to their physical appearance. It doesn't have to be a special occasion to show your boyfriend how much you admire and value him being in your life. Express your admiration of him regularly through both your words and actions.

Verbalize Your Admiration

Let your boyfriend know your admiration for him through your words. Commit to telling him at least one or two things each day that you admire about him. It could be the fact that he gets up early with you everyday to make sure you get off to work on time, or just the fact that he always remembers to leave the toilet seat down. Include physical traits you admire about him. Complimenting his looks and physical strength confirms to your man that you admire him, which he equates with love, according to clinical psychologist Dr. Andra Brosh in an article for Woman's Day. Be specific, telling him how you love that dimple on his left cheek or his muscular arms. If you get him blushing, you know you're on the right track.

Seek His Advice

Show that you value his opinion by asking him for advice for problems that he might be able to help you with. According to Brosh, asking for advice shows your boyfriend that you rely on him and value his judgment, making him feel competent and useful. If your boyfriend works in finance, turn to him for advice on sticking to a budget. Let him be the first person you turn to when a problem arises, which shows that his support means the most to you. Even if you don't take all of his advice, take any useful nuggets and let him know how much it helped to talk things over with him.

Pamper Him

Every once in a while, do something special for your man just to let him know how much you appreciate and love him. Take him out to do something fun that he loves to do, whether it's attending a sporting event, going to his favorite restaurant or going to see a movie with him that you normally would never go see. Show him that you admire his physical attributes with a romantic evening. Set the scene for romance and give him a head-to-toe body massage. Draw him a bubble bath and enjoy an intimate evening focused on your man, with no distractions.

Help Him Out

You see how hard your boyfriend works, and the things that he does for you. Let him know you appreciate and admire his hard work by helping him out when you can. Run the errands he was planning on doing Saturday morning, like picking up the dry cleaning and groceries so he can sleep in. Take his dogs for a walk after dinner so he can just relax and watch TV after a hard day at work. Hire a maid cleaning service that comes once a week to help keep his house clean and in order, especially if he works a lot and just doesn't have the time.