How to Explain to Your Boyfriend That You Love Him

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Expressing feelings for your partner can be frightening and nerve-wracking. Telling him you love him for the first time is a major step in the development of a relationship. If you're confident in your feelings and the strength of your relationship, utter those three words to him. If you're not quite ready to say "I love you," there are still lots of things you can do to make him feel loved.

Say it to him. Make sure the occasion and mood is right and wait for a moment when you're alone together. Embrace him or hold his hands and tell him. Relationship expert Dr. Paul Vehorn advises, "Don't be cutesy about it. This is serious, this is love." The intimate and serious mood will let him know you really mean it.

Make him a home-cooked meal, get him a thoughtful present or spend a day doing things he wants to do.

Create something for him, like a handmade card. You could even write him a love letter or poem to express your feelings. Your boyfriend will appreciate the work and dedication put into it.

Compliment him. Let him know he looks good to or how much you appreciate him.

Send him a thoughtful message during the day. Leave him a sticky note where you know he'll see it.