How to Tell Him He Is a Good Father

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He goes out of his way to make sure he's doing his fair share of the parenting duties, and you love him for it. Whether it's leaving work early to pick the kids up from school or staying up all night with a sick child so you can get some rest, your partner is thoughtful and reliable, and you want him to know how great he is as a dad. Express your love and appreciation for all that he does for you and your children through words and action.

Step 1

Write it down. Tell your husband in a handwritten note, letter or card about how great you think he is doing as a father and thanking him for all he does.

Step 2

Have your kids do something special for their dad. It can be as simple as drawing a picture for him, ideal for younger children. Older children can make him a special dinner or have a plaque or trophy made with "world's best dad" engraved on it.

Step 3

Show him how great he is with a creative project. You and your kids can put together a scrapbook with pictures of special moments. On each page, include one reason why he's a good dad, such as "always reads bedtime stories," and "taught me how to ride my bike." You could also create a video or slideshow of moments with the kids and set it to music.

Step 4

Make a big deal about Father's Day. Thank him for being a great dad on this special day by indulging him in his favorite things. Serve him breakfast in bed, send him off to play golf with his buddies, let him lounge around and watch TV all day or send him on a trip with his friends.