How to Show Appreciation to Your Boyfriend

by Lucie Westminster

You have a boyfriend who would make any one jealous. Remind the man who listens to you vent about your day and lends you a shoulder to cry on that you appreciate his efforts. Psychology Today reports that expressing gratitude leaves both parties in a relationship happier and therefore contributes to an overall stronger relationship. Show your boyfriend how much you appreciate his love and support through a variety of actions.

Look into your boyfriend's beautiful eyes and tell him how much you appreciate him. Eye contact makes words of appreciation more meaningful and believable. In your busy life, it's easy to forget to tell your significant other how much you appreciate all he does for you. Even though you may feel he already knows, hearing you tell him how much you value his support will reassure him that you recognize his efforts.

Write a quick note to your boyfriend telling him that you appreciate all the little things he does. Leave it where he will find it when you aren't around, like in his lunch box or his car. If you prefer, send him a text or email saying you hope his day is going well and thanking him for treating you to a great dinner the night before. When he least expects it, remind him of how much you value him.

Present your boyfriend with an edible treat. Consider giving him a fruit basket or baking his favorite cookies. However, avoid lots of candy or sweets if your guy is watching his waistline. You want the gift to show him how much you appreciate what does for you, not leave him worried about the number of hours he'll have to spend working off your gift at the gym.

Offer to give your man a relaxing and sensual massage. According to the Mayo Clinic, massage can create a "deep connection" for both the recipient and the masseuse. Turn down the lights, light a few candles and show your boyfriend how much you care.

Create a scrapbook of pictures showcasing your fun times together. Select photos of events that have special meaning to the two of you. Include captions that tell your boyfriend why you appreciate him. Embellish the scrapbook with decorative paper, stickers and glitter to create a keepsake that he can look any time to remind him of how much you appreciate him.

Items you will need

  • Note of appreciation
  • Edible treats
  • Lotion or massage oil
  • Photos of you and your boyfriend
  • Scrapbook supplies


  • Don't overdo it. Avoid going overboard with compliments and gifts to make your occasional efforts more meaningful.

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