Gifts to Send a Long Distance Boyfriend to Let Him Know You Are Thinking About Him

by Marie Yongue

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you might consider sending your man a gift to remind him that he’s still your number one. Avoid gadgets and cologne and send him something that shows you’re really thinking about him. Homemade and nostalgic gifts are more personal and will mean more to your boyfriend.


Send a cute cookie jar to your boyfriend with some of his favorite homemade treats inside. Even though your relationship is long distance, your guy can still enjoy your cooking. Consider replacing the goodies every few weeks in a tiny box for him with a picture of yourself holding up an “I love you” sign.


Create a scrapbook for your man. Include pictures from experiences and memories you have shared together. Along with the photographs, include special captions and notes throughout your scrapbook. This gift can be added to during your relationship as you create more memories together. Ask your boyfriend to contribute some of his own pictures and captions once he has received your gift.

Care Package

Gifts for your long-distance boyfriend don’t always have to be extravagant to let him know he’s on your mind. Send a care package with a few basics like undershirts, boxers or aftershave. Even though you can’t see each other often, you can still care for him as you would if you saw each other daily.

Love Letter

Write your boyfriend a note on fancy paper. Sometimes the written word means more than something said. Let him know how you feel in your letter — reminisce about times you spent together and tell him some of the plans you have for your relationship. Spray it with his favorite perfume and slip it in the mailbox.

Movie Box

Buy two copies of your favorite movie as a couple. Keep one copy for yourself and create a box for your man with the other. Include movie-sized boxes of candy, instant popcorn and a throw blanket for your boyfriend. Send it with a note that explains you can still have movie nights despite the fact that you aren’t face to face.

Something Personalized

Consider engraving a watch or photo frame for your boyfriend with a special message. This is a lasting gift that he can wear daily or keep on his desk at work as a constant reminder of you.

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